[EN] Space Invaders based on Star Wars

This is probably the most awesome combo for any classic nerd. The original Space Invaders was released in 1978 inspired on The War of the Worlds, and on the first Star Wars movie, premiered in 1977. It is not difficult to supose that such fact inspired, at the same time, other teluric programmers to develope funny clons or variants. I have toured the sideral cyberspace to discover some of them:

Star Wars: The Java Game.  This is the one I enjoyed the most. Created by José María Climent Martínez, it still keeps the 8-bit filosophy untouched. You pilot a double-shot ALA-X fighter against a few TIE fighters with the main theme of the series as a background, and the typical Yoda’s blessing before the battle: ‘May the force be with you’.  Play game.


Retro Wars. Another 8-bits funny version, even closer to the original Space Invaders spirit. Even it asks you, joking, to insert a galactic credit. The amusing background music is from the Mos Eisley‘s cantine, and here we drive again an ALA-X fighter against three types of imperial TIE. As a bonus you may destroy a stellar destructor. Play game.


Space Invaders: Star Wars Edition. What is new with this clon is the usage of the Millenium Falcon as a battleship in a very Metallica way of the Imperial March as a soundtrack. It is quite similar to Retro Wars in many aspects, but with better video quality and sound effects. A little bit more difficult. Play game.

Lego Star Wars: Space Invaders. A different approach in every sense: you do not fight against other spaceships, but LEGO soldiers from a top view. In this case we drive a rebel soldier armed with a laser gun. It is based on a Chris McVeigh idea (right picture). It needs some bug fixing, but it is a very authentic conception. Play game.


Star Wars: Air Strike. These are big words. Based on the prequel’s prequel (pre-prequel?) so called The Clone Wars, we can consider it the summit of the star-wars-based Space Invaders spirit. Action interleaves 3D video, and the control is carried out by mouse. Over a colourful sky of Felicia, you drive a heavy fighter “armed to teeth” from the Republic and face a storm of Separatist invaders: fighters, interceptors, defenders, space infantry… and for granted, we count on some bonuses for recovering shielding and such staff. On the official Star Wars webpage we can find some others. Play game.

Do you know more Space Invaders based on Star Wars? Tell us about it. May the force be with you!

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